ABC Diet

Is it an Eating Disorder, the Newest Diet Craze, or Live Art?

Performance at Club 62, Plymouth, every night 20:00 from Monday the 21st of October to the 17th of November.

Admission only after confirmation of the artist.

The artist: “I would like to fund my work and life as an artist through a best-selling diet book. Economically the diet industry is comparable to the profits of drug trafficking and the arms trade. This Practice as Research will openly reiterate the symptoms of the inability to succeed within the social parameters of femininity.”

Diet Instruction

Duration: 26 days.

Day one: Consume unlimited amounts of edible things beginning with the letter A.
Day two: Consume unlimited amounts of edible things beginning with the letter B.

And so forth. Water is allowed. Pepper and salt optional (Depending on personal mortification needs it can also be omitted).

Fascist Diet Guide

1. If the diet works, it is the diet that works. If the diet does not work, it is entirely your fault.

2. Avoid foods that a) you fancy, b) are easily accessible, c) are within your budget.

3. M is healthy on day M. M is dangerous for your health at any other day. This applies to all the letters of the alphabet.

4. You don’t want to be curvy? – Embrace scurvy!

5. Ignorant, lazy and mono-lingual clients will lose more weight on this diet.

Many thanks to Gosia (in-house photographer), Shibz (co-photographer), Merri, Aaron, Flo-bro, Daymo, Mark Davenport and his sister Sharon, Maggie the Clown, Brian, a couple of Adams, Judith and her friend and her friend’s friends, Dave, Chris, Liz and Dave (Harvest Home), Jenny, Sharon, Julie, Darren, Michal, Gabriel, Chico and Shirley.


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