Kiss-a-Car Competition

 “Kiss-a-Car Competition” was intended to express the material obsession dominating human interrelationships, and the appreciation of other fellow human beings substituted by commercial values. The growing imperative of competition is a danger in society because it supports egoistic and ruthless behaviour. To destruct these unhealthy tendencies of competition Aktivist Interventions seek to apply illogical rules in simple instructions, in this case: kiss this car and you will get marked in the disciplines of stamina, passion, and creativity. A successful Aktivist Intervention offers a shared space, a shared experience, in which the participant/spectator has the choice to actively or passively take part in and to be liberated from ordinary dominating structures through a ludicrous ritual.

The documenting film was shown in 2010 as part of the exist-ence: performance art event life film art-i-fact, Brisbane.


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