1. Nothing is stupid unless you won’t do it.
  2. Corrupt the greediness of time with vigor of action.
  3. Re-introduce physical touch.
  4. Listen.
  5. Remind yourself that as a human being you are always in a compulsory community and you will only be one of the living if you are part of this community by interaction.
  6. Trust and truth are not put virtues, they are informed by the swift changes of reality. Position yourself now and then, it’s a good exercise.
  7. Stupidity acts as an effective block towards the escalation of stupidity in social values.
  8. Transgress twice a day before meals.
  9. Abolish the average.
  10. Bake your own bread, smoke good tobacco, invent new swearwords.



1 ) Friendship is not transmitted through blood. Hepatitis is.

2 ) No names on yogurts.

3 ) Enjoy poetic expressions or precise linguistic formulations and words structured in such a way that they shed a sense of structure.

4 ) Anyone too drunk to talk will be carried through the conversation.

5 ) Anyone who doesn’t attend peace circle will be executed.

6 ) Hair is communal property.

7 ) In a sect each member gives a minimum of ten percent of their income as a tithe. We will do something like this that doesn’t make sense.

8 ) Rather than a swear jar we will use the word jar as a swear word.

9 ) We all research something, big time.

10 ) It will remain oblique as to whether we prefer the terms bound or tied up as expressions of restriction, and therefore not restrict our expression.

11 ) You can thank your lucky stars that we’re not as smart as we like to think we are.

12 ) Don’t be prejudice against horse women, male chefs, train spotters, and fucking hippies.

13 ) We shall crochet fluorescent green left tit warmers.

14 ) We have somehow come to be known as likely to set things on fire. We are unsure if that is a provocation.

15 ) We shall leave Uncle Susan at home.

16 ) We use the term ‘we’ in a non-common, but also non-royal sense.

17 ) Twilight is a time of day, not Vampire fiction.

18 ) Creative greatness should not come out of a human duke-ox by pressing the button.

19 ) Typos are obligatory. Mistakes and retrospective justifications are legitimate creative processes.

20 ) Do the dishes if you love the revolution – or just want to eat off clean dishes.

21 ) If there is a revolution, we are not stopping it.

22 ) We don’t know our left from our right, except politically speaking.

23 ) There is no twenty three but it still follows twenty two and is followed by twenty four.

24 ) Gin is an investment always, but we will not ad-vodkate alcoholism.

25 ) We will appear to do nothing, but actually do things.

26 ) Make packed lunches for those you love.


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