Our research who art in university

Hollowed be thy wisdom

Your grants come

And will be spent

In pubs and coffee machines

Give us our daily stream of thoughts

And forgive us our procrastination

As we forgive those who help us procrastinate

And lead us not into footnotes

But deliver us from ranting

For thine is the institution

And the power, and the prestige

For ever and ever.




Million maggots in my head

Toss and turn tremendously.

Drastic longing lusts for bed –

Crude recurring apathy.

Fallen flies upon the sills

Don’t recount from idleness.

Bathtub bursts and coffee spills

Over PhD thesis.



A ton of Schwarzer Krauser hides beneath my bed

Since I returned last month I have not spoken thee

I fear you may have caught some Hepatitis C

Or pig pest, chicken flu, whatever else may spread


Your busking pal Ärrn told me: ‘His mobile’s dead’

And to my urging question, ‘Where the fuck is he?’

He counted up some towns and places by the sea

Which – I admit in shame – I did at once forget


If you are well, I do not worry where you’re at

Listen my friend, without you time is hard to kill

And I protest that I have not met your dog Cat


On Saturday I have a gig I cannot handle

(Short of musicians, put myself upon the bill)

Alas, if you were there you could prevent a scandal



We live in castles in the air

When not with you, I’m in despair

My love to you I must declare

Let’s fool around the rocking chair

I split up with my billionaire

Who is completely unaware

That I’ll withdraw my vows foursquare

Abstain the prospect of my share

In foot-, under- and tablew(e)ar(e)

The taxidermised grizzly bear

A life in pomp and laissez-faire

Whatever else, devil-may-care

The reason for this love affair

Is – to be fair –

Your greeeen hair



Hello, my name is Dominic, I’m twenty-five. Since about

Three years I’m working within the financial sector, full-time

But my promotion of late allowed me to make some investments

Now I have suits: one for the evening, which is dark brown

Then one for work, made of a mixture of fine cotton textile.

Lastly the elegant black dinner suit in classical style

That was by far the dearest of all, but it was worth it: It

Proves to be suited for mourning occasions and also for weddings

So to speak savvy regarding its multiple quality use.

Recently, although by accident, I destroyed several things. My

Record player on one hand, just like that it had died.

Secondly I broke a coat hanger, last but not least Anja’s heart. I

Do not know why on earth stupid things always seem happ’ning to me.



I’m not a whore

Because I’m poor

Don’t treat me like

I’m cheap and like

To do what you

Want me to do

You can’t buy me

For £2.50

But thank you dear

For the pint of beer.



The racist bassist drank his drink

He said to me: “Dags, I would think

Of me if I was you, teetotal

That I am very trivial.

I wouldn’t even talk to me

Would leave this pub asap.

I wouldn’t have the time to spend

With drunks that drive me round the bend

I’d say this fool shall die in hell!”

I looked at him and I said: “Well

I know all that, my little racist

And I regret that you’re my bassist.

Inside your beer glass swims your pick

Let’s get on with this fucking gig.”



The sirens hum, the mollie flies

It is too warm to wear disguise

The sight diffused, we have to sneeze

‘Cause pepper hovers in the breeze

Gas cartridges to danger zones

Come flying in with chirping tones

Till dusk they keep the kettle tight

Around us all appears blue light

Half of the world rises and shines

To vent their anger against crimes

Of lies, injustice, warmongering …

My favourite season is the spring.


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