Radical Fishing

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Dinghing in Plymouth: Radical Fishing on a 36 hour Pilgrimage of Stupidity in May 2009

“When I left Plymouth I thought I would only ever go back there because I had to. Radical Fishing changed my perception of Plymouth completely from being a place of unfortunate necessity in my life, to somewhere I could engage with as I would on a playful holiday. I encountered the city in a new light, with growing admiration for its residents, as they met characters dressed with boats on their heads, shell bras over their clothes, grasping fishing nets, and singing badly- this place is becoming more open towards positive resistance. Aktivism, as it slowly nudges away at the regulatory in our lives, can begin to abolish our preconceptions, through triggering our ability to laugh (either at ourselves, or at somebody who has willingly embraced the ludicrous).” A Fellow Pilgrim

 “When I was speared through the mouth I never thought I would return to the sea again, but then I realise it was only a metaphor, and since then I have begun to understand the difference between a line (trajectory) and a net (a grid) – and that when you say you must “play the fish on the line” what you mean is that you must liberate the idea into the sea (the matrix of trajectories, the cosmos of fields) without quite letting go of your utpoian intention to do something better (but this time without the walls, the net, the grid). Once I stopped thinking of myself as a fish, and realised I was an idea, the pain went away. But can you persuade more fish like me to think of themselves as ideas? This is the crucial question – one of scale. You can join the spectacle and lure us in shoals, but how do you intend to play so many of us, each on our own lines? What is your alternative to the net, once there are more than a couple of lines.” A Fish (now an idea)


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