Scheiß Liebe

scheiss liebe

It is too late for the corner shop, it is quarter past ten
So I have to go on to Bargain Booze.
A dog walks before me, it’s attached to a man,
And I notice that it poos.
Instead of getting out a doggy poo bag
To pick it up and to dispose of,
The man turns around to to me and says:
“Careful shit love”.

“Oi you,” that’s what I’m about to shout,
“Oi you! That’s so not on!”
But then I hesitate before these words come out
Of my mouth and I walk on dumb.
After all it was nice of him to warn me against
A future I’m undeserving of.
The man had turned around to me and said:
“Careful shit love”.

Continuing my way to Bargain Booze
I ponder on the words the man had said;
Over its implicit philosophic substance I choose
A bottle of cheap dry red.
How great would it be whenever we did something
That our drinking is symptomatic of,
To have someone who turns around to you and says:
“Careful shit love”.


When the spoon goes empty to the mouth,
And jugular veins start to pulse,
Homeless people shiver under blankets,
And To-o-o-o-ries commence the culls.

This is the dawning of the age of austerity,
The age of austerity, austerity, austerity.

Tragedy keeps on expanding,
Bigotry and lies are mounting.
No more living dreams and visions,
Merely falsehood and derisions.
Greed exceeds throughout the nation
Under current legislation
Of austerity, austerity.